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UK-based pre-owned software license reseller ValueLicensing has filed a lawsuit in the London High Court against Microsoft for abusing its dominant position in the European markets to restrict resale of perpetual licenses for Windows and other company products, reported TechRadar.

A UK-based software reseller has filed a £270m lawsuit against Microsoft for what it claims is an abuse of power in the software market. ValueLicensing, which specialises in the resale of second-hand licences, claims that Microsoft has “stifled the supply of preowned licences” through clauses in customer contacts since “at least 2016”.

An East Midlands software reseller is suing Microsoft for £270m in damages after it alleged that the US giant is trying to stifle a multibillion-pound market. Value Licensing, which is based in Derby, buys up pre-owned licenses for Microsoft products from firms that have upgraded their IT or have gone bust – then sells them on.

UK software reseller ValueLicensing is suing Microsoft for £270m in damages for illegally abusing its power in the software market, it alleges. Derby-based ValueLicensing claims to be an expert in buying and selling pre-owned Microsoft volume licences to both private and public sector organisations.

Microsoft must go to the Supreme Court to defend itself against claims for compensation of two billion kroner for deliberately and with full intent to destroy a giant market.