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Jonathan Horley told CRN that these, and other, measures meant the "cupboard was bare" for businesses like ValueLicensing, which sells to both private and public sector organisations, at a time when business should have been booming.

MD of preowned licence reseller opens up on £270m lawsuit against Microsoft

ValueLicensing alleges that Microsoft has carried out a 'campaign to keep pre-owned licenses off the market'

The managing director of a preowned licensing reseller involved in a £270m damages claim against Microsoft says the vendor's "anti-competitive" conduct closed off a big gap in the market for preowned licensing resellers when customers moved towards subscription-based services.

In a state of claims legal document outlining its case, UK-based ValueLicensing alleges that, from around 2016, Microsoft has been undertaking a "campaign to keep pre-owned licenses off the market". This includes installing clauses into contracts which offer customers discounts in return for not selling on their old licenses, as well as the relinquishing of these perpetual licenses.


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