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This a claim for the damages and other relief caused by the breaches by the Defendants ("Microsoft") of section 18 and/or 2 of the Competition Act 1988, Arts 102 and/or 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and/or Arts 54 and/or 53 of the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

Pre-owned software reseller ValueLicensing has filed a claim in the High Court in London against Microsoft, claiming that Vole abused its dominant market position and used restrictive contractual practices.

A Derby-based IT company is suing Microsoft for £270 million. ValueLicensing, a firm that sells second-hand versions of software, has accused Microsoft of "abusing its power" and causing it to lose out on revenue.

Microsoft has allegedly offered clients such as the Crown Commercial Service discounts and incentives to relinquish pre-owned perpetual licences when moving to other Microsoft services, as well as signing non-disclosure agreements to keep the deals private, the chief executive of a company suing the tech giant in an abuse of dominance claim has told PaRR.

Lack of resale licenses is forcing customers to cloud-based subscriptions, accuses ValueLicensing UK-based preowned software license reseller ValueLicensing has filed a lawsuit in the London High Court against Microsoft for abusing its dominant position in the European markets to restrict resale of perpetual licenses for Windows and other company products.