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ValueLicensing.com specialise in the identification and resale of redundant Microsoft Volume Licences. We offer businesses significant savings compared with purchases through standard Microsoft resellers/distributors. We sell all ages of Microsoft Products from the latest versions, to previous versions where the greatest savings can be made. We source the majority of our licences from insolvent companies, but also deal with solvent companies that may have surplus licensing due to downsizing. All our discount Microsoft licences are sourced within the European Economic Area (EEA) and we have supplied to hundreds of companies throughout Europe, helping them save millions of pounds. 

Some of our most popular licences include: Used Microsoft Office 2013 Licences | Used Windows 8.1 Licences | Used Windows Server 2012R2 Licenses

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our pre-owned, discount Microsoft licences, and we will be happy to help.

100% legal

All our used Microsoft licences are sourced within the European Economic Area (EEA) and are transferred in accordance with the EU Software Directive 2009/24/EC. We provide all the necessary documentation to prove legal ownership in the event of a SAM (Software Asset Management) Audit and we notify Microsoft of every transfer. Please check out the 'Is this Legal' page for more information.

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We Buy Open, Select and Enterprise Licence Agreements. Should you have any pre-owned Microsoft licences that are no longer required, we may be able to purchase these from you. Whether you are an Insolvency Practitioner or a Solvent Business, ValueLicensing.com can help realise a substantial value for an often overlooked asset. For more information please check out the 'Sell Your Licences' page


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Please browse through our 'Buy Licences' page to see what licences we have available.  As well as supplying pre-owned licences at a significant discount, we also supply new Microsoft Volume Licences through the normal distribution channel.

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