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Software reseller ValueLicensing has likened Microsoft’s second attempt to split a €270 million standalone damages claim into separate trials to “Groundhog Day”.

During a Case Management Conference held by the Competition Appeal Tribunal yesterday, both sides gave an account of issues that need to be resolved before the case could go to trial.

The ValueLicensing v Microsoft case has all the hallmarks of an antitrust David and Goliath battle. In one corner we have ValueLicensing, a plucky Derby-based firm with current annual revenues of £1.5 million and in the other, Microsoft with revenues of $207 billion.

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Limited and Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited have amended their Defence on 5th July 2023. Claim No. CL-2021-000208

The second CMC is listed for 10:30am on 9-10 October 2023, with a time estimate of two days.