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Project 2013 Standard – Volume Licence

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Work on projects more quickly and efficiently with Microsoft Project 2013 Standard. Create reports on project progress and forward project details to your team and others involved in the project effortlessly.  You will also have an overview of all of your important project dates.

Functions of Project 2013 Standard include intuitive functions which support uncomplicated planning and project management. You will also be able to view a quick overview of the most important project details, giving you and your employees the opportunity to evaluate ongoing projects and to make vital business decisions. Reporting tools give you control and management as you are able to monitor the progress of each project.

You can also benefit from the new reports section. This feature allows you and your colleagues to create graphical reports and add Clipart without having to export data to another program. The trace task paths feature allows you to highlight any task path for any task. Predecessor tasks will show up on the specific task which has been clicked on by the user and these will all show up in one colour.

With Lync installed on Project 2013 Standard, the user can hover over a name and start an IM session, video chat, email or a phone call. This feature will support time management within your business.

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