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Project 2010 Standard – Volume Licence

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Benefit from the powerful improvements of scheduling, process management and display with Microsoft Project 2010 Standard. You will be able to monitor your projects with even more precision, simplified visualisation and most importantly gain greater control when it comes to control and management. With the new menu ribbons, you will be capable of executing a task more efficiently and quickly. The commands have been arranged in logical groups which in turn have been collected under tabs.

With Project 2010 Standard, you will have more control scheduling with even more precision thanks to multiple improvements in the calendar features. The calendar feature makes it possible for you to define the working time for resources and tasks. The four types of calendars within Project are; base calendar, project calendar, resource calendar and task calendar. You also have the option of creating a task list in Excel or Word and then adding it into Project without the need to reformat saving you valuable time.

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