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Sell your licences

What are the benefits of selling my redundant Microsoft software licences?

Selling your redundant licences allows you to release capital back into your business, giving you the opportunity to reinvest the money where it’s really needed.
Many of our clients use the funds generated from selling their perpetual Microsoft software licences to offset the cost of moving to a cloud based solution such as Office 365.


Do ValueLicensing buy OEM and Retail software licences?

No. ValueLicensing only purchase fully paid perpetual Microsoft software licences that first placed on the market within the European Economic Area (EEA), in full compliance with Directive 2009/24/EC. For more in depth information regarding the specific legalities please visit our Legal page.


How do I know if I have any redundant Microsoft licences to sell?

If you have previously purchased perpetual licences (often referred to as ‘On Premise’ licensing) and have moved to a subscription/cloud based licensing model, it is highly likely that you will have redundant licences that can be sold.
If you are unsure, ValueLicensing offer a free investigation process to identify any compliant perpetual Microsoft software licences that can be sold. There is no obligation to sell your licences once this investigation is completed and all information will be kept strictly confidential. An overview of this process is detailed below.

Investigation and Due Diligence Process

Sell your licences

What is the process if I want to sell my licences?

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1. Offer
Once the due diligence process has been completed, we will send a formal offer via email, detailing the licences we intend to purchase.
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2. Acceptance
To accept the offer, you will need to reply to the email with a formal acceptance of the terms and conditions.
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3. Purchase order
We will send out a formal purchase order detailing the licences. On receipt of this you will need to raise an invoice for the agreed amount.
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4. Transfer
You will need to sign a letter (which we will draft) which states that the licences are no longer in use and have been sold to ValueLicensing.
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5. Payment
Standard payment terms are 30 days (unless otherwise agreed) and payment will only be made once all the documentation has been received.

Contact us today

Simply fill out the enquiry form on this page and include the quantity and version of the licences you wish to sell.

Alternatively, you can also contact our purchasing team directly on +44(0)207 993 6041 or email us at purchasing@valuelicensing.com. One of our Managers will be happy to discuss your licences with you.

Why can't I see a price?

The price of pre-owned volume licences is dependent on the price we purchase it at, so the best price we can offer you is always changing.

Using a quote system means your business never misses out on price drops in the market - we'll always give your business the best price we can.

We have supplied thousands of businesses throughout Europe since 2009, saving them millions on their software licensing costs.

We save our customers up to 70% versus standard reseller prices.

Discover our products and save your business money today.

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