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Supporting the public sector

Pre-owned software – the lowest cost way to update your systems

Public Sector

We understand
At ValueLicensing, we are here to support you in making the right software decisions for your organisation, especially during the challenging times that the public sector currently faces. As budgets decline and software support expires, the need to source compliant software at a reduced cost is paramount. We can provide the licenses that you require, typically saving between 40% and 60%, giving you the flexibility to allocate part of your IT budget elsewhere.

Public Sector

Supporting your organisation
Without the public sector vital services would not be delivered, and we want to support you and your organisation to keep achieving what matters most; delivering those services to the public. In order to meet the demand on public services, the right software is key to equipping your organisation to achieve this. We offer the opportunity for you to upgrade your organisation to the latest Microsoft software without compromising budgets.

Public Sector

Expert service
Although the costs of our perpetual software licences are incredibly competitive, this does not mean our service and expertise is compromised. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience at ValueLicensing, so we can assure you that not only will you be saving public money which can be invested elsewhere, you will also experience a professional service from initial contact right through to the end of your licence purchasing journey. We do not charge admin or consultancy fees for our advice and support.

Public Sector

We appreciate that public sector organisations run a number of essential legacy systems. If you require a specific type of Microsoft licence that we don’t currently stock we can try to source this for you. We can assist you to develop your systems, whilst maintaining compatibility with legacy systems. We already trade with public sector organisations through existing framework agreements and direct purchase.

Meet our Public Sector Account Director, Andrew Meikle

“Having previously worked in the public sector for over a decade, I appreciate the many challenges currently faced. I am passionate about delivering a first class experience to public sector organisations to help upgrade their systems, while saving significant amounts of money, to be re-invested where it’s really needed.”

Contact Andrew today for more information, prices and advice:

Public Sector  andrew.meikle@valuelicensing.com
Public Sector  +44 (0) 1332 411 291

Public Sector
100% Legal

All our used Microsoft licences are sourced within the European Economic Area (EEA) and are transferred in accordance with the EU Software Directive 2009/24/EC. Please check out the ‘Legal’ page for more information.

Sell your licences

We Buy Open, Select and Enterprise Licence Whether you are an Insolvency Practitioner or a Solvent Business, ValueLicensing.com can help realise a substantial value for an often overlooked asset. For more information please check out the ‘Sell Your Licences’ page.

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Please browse through our ‘Products’ page to see what licences we have available.  As well as supplying pre-owned licences at a significant discount, we also supply new Microsoft Volume Licences through the normal distribution channel.

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