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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.

If you are unable to find the answer you require, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Microsoft Volume Licensing?
Microsoft Volume licensing is an easy and affordable way to run Microsoft software across multiple computers and use Online Services across multiple users within an organisation.
How does Volume Licensing Work?
By acquiring licenses through Microsoft Volume licensing programs, you pay only for the software licence. Eliminating the physical costs of boxed software and purchasing in volume often reduces cost and provides more customised purchasing options and improved software management.

Simply stated, volume licensing makes it easier and more affordable to run software across multiple computers and use Online Services across multiple users within an organisation.
Do you provide the Media as well as the licence?
All software is available to download upon receipt of the Invoice.
What are the benefits of Volume Licensing?
Volume licensing has many benefits:

- One product key for multiple installations - saving you valuable time.

- Rights to install on a server - allowing installation on a server for delivery through an RDS or VDI infrastructure.

- Transfer rights - fully transferable from one machine to another.

- Downgrade rights - allows you to licence or install any previous version of the software. But only to the same edition of software product for which their device is licensed.

- Portable Use Rights - allows the primary user of a device licensed with Microsoft Office to install and use Microsoft Office on a secondary, portable device.
How do I purchase from you?
Once we have received your Purchase Order we will send you the invoice, licence details, Perpetual Licence Transfer Form and Acknowledgement of Transferee letter. Upon receipt of the invoice you will become the legal owner of the licences. The Acknowledgement of Transferee letter will need to be signed and sent back to us. We then send it to Microsoft to notify them of the change of ownership. We will then send you a Software Licence Pack which contains all the necessary documentation to prove legal ownership in the event of a SAM (Software Asset Management) Audit. Please contact us for more details
Who can buy your licences?
We can supply to businesses in all countries within the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA). All our Microsoft licences are sourced within the EEA and we have supplied to thousands of companies throughout Europe, helping them save millions of pounds.
Will Pre-owned licences pass a SAM Audit?
Yes. Many of our clients have undergone successful SAM (Software Asset Management) Audits using pre-owned licences. ValueLicensing will supply all the necessary documentation required to prove legal ownership of the licences in the event of a SAM Audit.

We also offer a pre-audit service where we can help identify any licensing shortfall or surplus that you may have, ensuring that your SAM Audit will be a simple and easy process.
Can you guarantee Pre-owned licences will work? Are they the same as new?
Yes! The media will be exactly the same as the media was when it was first purchased. Therefore the only difference between a new and pre-owned licence is the price. You will receive all necessary product keys along with all documentation needed to be able to prove legal ownership.
Where do pre-owned Microsoft software licences come from?
ValueLicensing work alongside all the major Insolvency Practitioners in the UK and Europe. The vast majority of our licence agreements come from insolvent companies, but we also source licences from solvent companies who may have redundant licences due to downsizing or software redundancy.
Will I be able to use the software in my native language?
Yes. All software is available to download in many languages. We will be able to advise you in more detail when we know the language specifics of your business.
Can I purchase a pre-owned Open Licence Agreement alongside a Select or Enterprise Agreement?
Yes. All different types of licence agreement can be used in any combination.
Do Microsoft still support older software products?
Yes, Microsoft will continue to provide support throughout the product’s lifecycle. Details for each product can be found here, https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/lifecycle/search
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept BACs, Cheque, Credit Card and Debit Card.
What if I don’t want Pre-owned software?
There is absolutely no difference in the way the software can be used. As digital media, there is no loss of quality or degradation over time with preowned licences. We are a registered Microsoft partner/reseller (Partner number: 2676561). Should you wish to receive a quote for new licences we are also able to supply these. We can also supply a combination of new and Pre-owned licences should we not have your exact requirements in stock. Please speak to one of our sales advisors for more information.
Do you supply OEM, Retail or Academic Licences?
Unfortunately we do not supply OEM, Retail or Academic licensing. We only supply corporate licences for businesses.
I cannot see what I need on your website. Can you help?
Our stock changes on a constant basis. Please contact us if you do not see exactly what you require. In most cases we will be able to help and often supply our customers with a combination of Pre-owned and new licences to fulfil their exact needs.

Why can't I see a price?

The price of pre-owned volume licences is dependent on the price we purchase it at, so the best price we can offer you is always changing.

Using a quote system means your business never misses out on price drops in the market - we'll always give your business the best price we can.

We have supplied thousands of businesses throughout Europe since 2009, saving them millions on their software licensing costs.

We save our customers up to 70% versus standard reseller prices.

Discover our products and save your business money today.

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