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Sell Your Software Licences

Unlock capital tied up in surplus or redundant perpetual licences by selling them for significant financial benefits. We’ll make sure the purchase is 100% legally compliant by undertaking a thorough, transparent, and ISO9001:2015 due diligence process.

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The benefits

Selling redundant licences releases untapped capital back into your business. It also allows you to redefine your software licensing strategy by taking into account the residual value of your perpetual licences.


Unsure if you've Microsoft licences to sell?

We offer a free no-obligation investigation process to identify any compliant perpetual Microsoft software licences you can sell. Rest assured all information is kept strictly confidential.

How it works

We make it quick and easy to sell your surplus licences and release the capital stuck in them. All with peace of mind that everything has been carried out with full legal compliance.

Due diligence

We only buy fully paid perpetual Microsoft software licences first placed on the market within the European Economic Area (EEA), in full compliance with EU Directive 2009/24/EC.

Offer & acceptance

You’ll receive our best offer by email detailing the licences we would like to buy along with a copy of our terms and conditions.

Purchase order

You’ll receive a purchase order detailing the licences we’re buying and you raise an invoice for the agreed amount.

Transfer & payment

You sign a letter (which we will draft) stating that the licences are no longer in use and have been sold to us. Once all documentation has been received our standard payment terms are 30 days (unless otherwise agreed).

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