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Perpetual Licences

Pre-owned Microsoft Perpetual Licences

If you’d rather avoid the monthly costs that come with subscription licence software, then a perpetual licence is the solution you need.

This is ideal for buyers who also want to own their licences outright and make savings on their software expenses in the long run. What’s more, our fully compliant, pre-owned perpetual Microsoft licences can be up to 70% cheaper than buying them new.

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The Benefits of Perpetual Licences

Perpetual licences allow you to purchase your software licence for a one-off cost, giving you full access to the product for an unlimited period – essentially meaning you have access to them forever.

The advantage here is you have no looming costs each month to worry about. Instead you can simply focus on making the most of the software and the benefits it can provide your business. What’s more, perpetual licences often work out to be significantly cheaper than subscription licences. The typical period before most consumers upgrade again with a subscription is three to five years, which of course means a significant number of licence payments. However, a perpetual licence will normally work out costing the same as just one year of subscription payments by comparison.

In addition to often giving the best ROI when compared to subscription licences, when you purchase a perpetual licence you take full ownership of it and ultimately have the option to sell this on at a later date if you wish.

Our Pre-Owned Microsoft Perpetual Licences

At ValueLicensing we offer a full range of desktop server perpetual licences and CALs. This includes a variety of options on Microsoft perpetual licences and can cover a number of specific software requirements you might have with your business.

Why Choose ValueLicensing?

Alongside the quality selection of pre-owned Microsoft perpetual licences we have available, there are many other reasons why choosing to purchase your software from us could be a great move for you and your business.


Our pre-owned Microsoft perpetual licences could provide your company with savings of up to 70%, compared to the price of buying them new and direct from vendors.

Fully Compliant Procurement

Our procurement processes are to ISO 9001:2015 standard ensuring the perpetual licences we sell comply with UK and European law.

A Proven Track Record

We have supplied thousands of companies with pre-owned licences and have a ‘100% pass rate’ on the customers that have been audited.

Bespoke Applications

We can tailor our perpetual licence software to your individual needs and requirements, helping you get the best from your purchases.

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Perpetual Licences

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The Business Advantage

Our expertise with pre-owned perpetual licences means we can create bespoke packages to best suit your business’ needs and budgets.

Our team can also talk you through the options you have and will be able to accurately make recommendations on the right perpetual Microsoft licence for you – all with only the best in customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are pre-owned licences?

They are licences previously owned by another organisation which allow you to download and use a specific piece of software.

Where do pre-owned Microsoft licences come from?

We work with major solvent companies in the UK and Europe who no longer need licences as they’ve either migrated to cloud services or have downsized. 

We also work alongside the major Insolvency Practitioners in the UK & Europe to resell licences from insolvent companies. 

Are all pre-owned licences guaranteed to work?

Yes, all media is exactly the same as when it was first purchased from new. The only difference is the price. You will receive all necessary product keys as well as all documentation needed to be to prove legal ownership.

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