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Frequently Asked Questions

We sometimes get asked questions and thought it would help to share them with you. If you don't find the answer you need, please get in touch.

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What are pre-owned licences?

They are licences previously owned by another organisation which allow you to download and use a specific piece of software.

Where do pre-owned Microsoft licences come from?

We work with major solvent companies in the UK and Europe who no longer need licences as they’ve either migrated to cloud services or have downsized. 

We also work alongside the major Insolvency Practitioners in the UK & Europe to resell licences from insolvent companies. 

Are all pre-owned licences guaranteed to work?

Yes, all media is exactly the same as when it was first purchased from new. The only difference is the price. You will receive all necessary product keys as well as all documentation needed to be to prove legal ownership.

Who can purchase your licences?

Any business, whether incorporated or otherwise, local or national government authority or public body in the United Kingdom or European Economic Area (which comprises the EU plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). We have an established history of supplying pre-owned licences to all of these categories of customer.

Can I purchase a pre-owned licences alongside an Enterprise Agreement?

Yes, pre-owned licences can be purchased to complement your existing Microsoft Licensing Agreements. For the best use of your budget and biggest savings, our expert team can help ensure you’re choosing the right combination of licences for your individual needs.

Will pre-owned licences pass a SAM audit?

Yes, you’ll receive all the necessary documentation required to prove legal ownership of your licences. Many of our clients have already successfully undergone SAM (Software Asset Management) Audits.

Do Microsoft still support older software products?

Yes, they will continue to provide support throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Do I receive the media as well as the licences?

Yes, all software is available to download upon receipt of the Invoice.

Will I be able to use the software in my native language?

Yes. All software is available to download in multiple languages. We can advise you in more detail once we know the exact language you require.

Do you supply OEM, Retail or Academic licences?

Unfortunately, we do not supply OEM, retail or academic licensing. We only supply volume licences for businesses and public organisations.

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept BACs, credit card and debit card.

Why can't I see a price?

The prices of our pre-owned volume licences are dependent on the price we purchase them at, so the best price we can offer you is always changing. Our quote system means your business never misses out on price drops in the market - we'll always give you the best price we can.

I can’t see the licences I want on your website. Can you help?

Our stock changes all the time so if you can't see something specific, our expert team will have a solution for you.

What are the benefits of selling my redundant Microsoft software licences?

It releases capital back into your business which can be reinvested where it’s really needed. Many of our clients use the funds generated from selling their perpetual Microsoft software licences to fund other projects or return the cash back to the business.

Do you buy OEM and Retail software licences?

No, sorry. We only purchase fully-paid perpetual Microsoft software licences first placed on the market within the European Economic Area (EEA), in full compliance with Directive 2009/24/EC. For more in-depth information please contact us.

How do I know if I have redundant Microsoft licences to sell?

If you own perpetual licences and have moved to a subscription/cloud based licensing model, it is highly likely that you will have redundant licences that can be sold.

Can you tell me if I have licences I can sell?

Yes, we offer a free no-obligation investigation process to identify any compliant perpetual Microsoft software licences that can be sold. Rest assured, all information will be kept strictly confidential.

The transfer provisions stated on my licence agreement prohibit any transfer or re-sale. Can I still sell my licences?

Even if your licence agreement restricts or prohibits the resale / transfer of licences, changes in the law since you bought the licence means a software vendor can no longer oppose any resale or transfer. The EU Software Directive overrides any prohibitive transfer clauses that may be found within a software licence agreement.

Can Microsoft reject the transfer?

Microsoft has no power lawfully to oppose the sale of any qualifying pre-owned licences which were first legitimately placed on the market within any of the countries currently forming part of the European Economic Area (in other words, the EU plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein). In addition, licences first legitimately sold in the United Kingdom prior to the end of the Brexit transition period may freely be resold within the European Economic Area.

Do I receive any discounts for being a reseller?

We offer additional discounts based on your annual spend. For further details, please contact us.

Why should I purchase pre-owned software over new?

With discounts of up to 70%* on pre-owned latest and legacy versions of Microsoft software, we provide a great low-cost alternative to your current distributor. *These savings are compared to Microsoft Products and Service Agreement (MPSA) pricing.

Where are your licences sourced from?

We work with major solvent companies in the UK and Europe who either no longer need their licences as they’re moving to cloud services or have a surplus.

Do you provide the software as well as the licences?

Yes, all software is available to download digitally upon receipt of the invoice.

Do you contact my client?

No, we do not contact your client at any stage unless you ask us to. As the reseller, you will be able to sign the documentation on your client’s behalf. We will send all the media downloads to you, unless instructed otherwise.

Can an EU company still purchase licences from ValueLicensing after Brexit?

Yes, this will still be possible. Licences first placed on the market in either the UK or the EU before the end of the Brexit transition period remain freely transferrable provided that they meet the relevant legal criteria established prior to Brexit: this is the effect of the UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement. In addition, licences first sold in the EU after the end of the transition period will not be affected by Brexit. ValueLicensing’s rigorous validation procedures will continue to ensure that customers will be offered only licences that they are lawfully permitted to acquire and we shall provide customers, as before, with the documentation needed in order to verify this, whether you purchase licences from either our UK or Belgian company.

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