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A software reseller has launched a bid to hobble Microsoft's defense to a £270 million ($343 million) claim that the technology giant broke antitrust laws by trying to stifle the resale market for its software licenses. ValueLicensing said Friday it has asked the U.K. Competition Appeal Tribunal to strike out part of Microsoft's defense that any anti-competitive conduct was "objectively justified."

Software reseller ValueLicensing has submitted an application for summary judgment before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) seeking orders striking out parts of Microsoft’s amended defence in the standalone damages claim against the tech giant, a press release announced.

ValueLicensing has filed an application for summary judgment asking a specialized court to strike out parts of Microsoft’s defense of a UK dominance-abuse lawsuit, on the basis that they have no prospect of success. The reseller of software licenses made the application at the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London.

ValueLicensing has issued an application for summary judgment against Microsoft in the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) in its ongoing claims for abuse of dominance and anti-competitive agreements.

An English court has confirmed Microsoft’s contractual right to audit software reseller ValueLicensing but imposed undertakings on the tech giant preventing it from using the information to defend against a €270 million standalone damages claim.