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ValueLicensing is a registered Microsoft Partner and Reseller dealing in Software Licences sourced from both solvent and insolvent organisations.

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ValueLicensing is a registered Microsoft partner and reseller operating in both the private and public sector. We specialise in buying and selling pre-owned Microsoft Volume Licences.

We supply pre-owned Microsoft software licences to businesses throughout the European Union and the European Economic Area. The licences are sourced from solvent businesses throughout Europe that no longer require them due to moving to the cloud or businesses that are downsizing – or from Insolvent companies. We help Insolvency Practitioners throughout Europe realise significant value from those dormant assets.

Since the 2012 Oracle decision at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), we have continued to work hard to offer our customers throughout Europe huge savings when purchasing their software, ensuring that they reduce the expenditure on their Microsoft Licences. Every company needs software, so why pay more for it when you don’t have to?

Our service

Since beginning our journey in 2009, we have established a leading position in the pre-owned software market. We are proud to have worked with leading Insolvency Practitioners in the UK and Europe, including PWC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton, and we have worked on purchases of redundant software licences through insolvencies such as Comet Group, Phones 4 U and Royal Imtech.

Our client base continues to flourish and we have now supplied pre-owned Volume Licensing to over 3,250 customers across Europe, including large multi-nationals with over 350,000 employees.

We supply to companies and organisations of all sizes, and have helped save our clients over a total of £19 million during the past 9 years.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the niche market that we operate in. One of the most important aspects in the procurement of pre-owned Microsoft software licences, is the need to make sure that the licences are compliant with the EU Software Directive and applicable Microsoft regulations. Due to this need for compliancy, the procurement function at ValueLicensing undertake a thorough due diligence process prior to each and every purchase. If you are looking to sell on surplus or redundant software assets then click here to be redirected to our ‘Selling Licences’ page.

ValueLicensing also ensures that we handle all the complexities for our clients who are purchasing pre-owned licensing from us. Upon completion of an order, all customers will receive a Software Licence Pack containing all of the required documentation to prove legal ownership. We will also support you through any SAM Audits that you subsequently go through. Click here to view our current pre-owned volume licensing.

Pre-owned volume licensing

There is growing pressure from software providers to encourage their clients to migrate to a cloud based subscription service; the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This is convenient for the customers in terms of ongoing updates and support but can lead to a certain loss of flexibility. It can also increase their costs over the long term. For this reason many large organisations have made the decision to stay with software that is licensed on a perpetual basis – a traditional model.

Many organisations are unaware or misinformed of their rights when it comes to pre-owned volume licensing.




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The price of pre-owned volume licences is dependent on the price we purchase it at, so the best price we can offer you is always changing.

Using a quote system means your business never misses out on price drops in the market - we'll always give your business the best price we can.

We have supplied thousands of businesses throughout Europe since 2009, saving them millions on their software licensing costs.

We save our customers up to 70% versus standard reseller prices.

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